We are Nott Normal

reframed by Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

Normal is;  average · typical · ordinary · conventional · fixed  · ornery · mainstream · unremarkable · unexceptional · predictable · bog-standard · boring …

The opposite of normal can be; creative · original · spectacular · redefining · game-changing · inspiring · alternative · exciting · diverse · remarkable · inclusive …

We are ‘Nott Normal‘; Nottingham’s independent adaptive and accessible arts project. Below we explain a little about how and why the group came into being. You can get a very brief overview by reading our unconventional manifesto.

The group was born in January 2019 and has already exhibited Touching the Surface at Surface Gallery. We’ve spoken in front of over a thousand people at Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall as part of The Guilty Feminist Live Tour. We have proudly just secured funding to do a pilot project centred on the stories of women with disabilities. Meanwhile,  The Big Cheese Roll is gathering momentum. This is a project to commemorate The Cheese Riots, a piece of Nottingham’s social history, while raising donations for local foodbanks while having some fun. At least one person will be dressed as a giant cheese rolling down the streets.

Nott Normal is created by people with visible and invisible disabilities, designed to be driven by people facing challenges seen and unseen, including lasting injuries,  special needs, or chronic conditions as well as those who may simply be different from the dominant norms. We believe neurodiversity is necessary. Though the group is geographically based in Nottingham we welcome creative contributions and participants from anywhere in the world, with many of our projects using the online virtual world as a meeting space. Dive in, because we believe there is no such thing as normal and together we can be extraordinary!

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