Creativity During Covid-19

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Nott Normal is responding to this time when the idea of ‘normal’ has changed so much for so many. This is particularly true for a lot of people who already live with extra barriers to access because of lasting injury, chronic health conditions, physical or mental differences, or disabilities. The greatest advantages and disadvantages of being a company run by and for people with disabilities and extra access requirements is that we live it ourselves. This means we have understanding and empathy. It also means we have more hurdles to jump than your average arts organisation. We have both been forced to shield (stay in completely for 5+ months) due to a collection of underlying conditions and disabilities, that put Antonia in particular in the highest risk category.  From new challenges come new opportunities. During this time we have been re-envisioning two projects.

The ongoing corona crisis invites us to address lurking issues about access for those homebound and otherwise isolated. Originality can come from restriction. We are building resilience for whatever the future may hold. It may not be ‘normal’ as we know it but together we can make it safer and more inclusive, both now and in the future, as we explore different art in diverse ways.

Current Projects

an image of Nottingham Council House and Old Market Square is set in an oval frame. It is drawn in purple. Underneath the impression of blue water swirls.