The Big Cheese Roll



The Big Cheese Roll  aims to be a fun- filled family friendly and inclusive parade leading up to The Goose Fair. It playfully marks a piece of Nottingham history, the Cheese Riots of 1766, whilst helping to gather donations for local foodbanks today. Centuries ago, during the annual fair, many people could not afford food and this lead to an uprising where people rolled large circular cheeses in protest. This autumn we’ll offer a peaceful spectacle, where only those of us on wheels will be doing the rolling and Antonia may or may not be dressed as a giant cheese! Everyone is welcome and will be encouraged to wear yellow or orange and celebrate in a carnival-like atmosphere whilst raising awareness of and resources to tackle food poverty in our city, which often hits people with disabilities along with many others. If you would like to be part of making The Big Cheese Roll a reality please contact us.