About Us

This is an image of Dan and Antonia smiling at the camera. It is an informal picture taken outside with trees in the background.
Dan and Antonia

Hello, welcome to Nott Normal, we call ourselves that because we are based in Nottingham (Nott) and believe ‘normal’ is a limiting label to put on anyone and one that rarely fits. We explain more about that way of thinking here.

Our names are Daniel Hunt and Antonia Zenkevitch; we’re co-founders of Nottingham’s independent adaptive and accessible arts project. Designed to be inclusive and creativity ambitious, Nott Normal is driven by and for people with differences of ability; with injuries or disabilities as well as skills and dreams both seen and unseen.

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a circular image showing an outline of Nottingham Council House on a rainbow background.
‘Nott Normal Rainbow Meme’, digital collage and sketch by Antonia Sara Zenkevitch