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Dan & Antonia
Dan and Antonia

Hello, welcome to Nott Normal, we call ourselves that because we are based in Nottingham (Nott) and believe ‘normal’ is a limiting label to put on anyone and one that rarely fits. We explain more about that way of thinking here.

Our names are Daniel Hunt and Antonia Zenkevitch; we’re co-founders of Nottingham’s independent adaptive and accessible arts project. Designed to be inclusive and creativity ambitious, Nott Normal is driven by and for people with differences of ability; with injuries or disabilities as well as skills and dreams both seen and unseen.

We first worked creatively together eighteen years ago on an interpretation of Brecht’s Caucasian Chalk Circle. Since then our lives, skills, and horizons have changed, as have the challenges and opportunities we face individually and together. We have collaborated on various projects over the years but this is our first formal professional partnership, (we are partners in life too). The dynamic we bring when we combine our strengths and wonderings is full of curiosity, imagination and a little mischief. Many of our ideas come through improvisation, creating different realities with stories and the curation of both art and life.

While I (Antonia),  often begin with a concept or idea I want to explore or express and then choose or adapt an appropriate creative outlet as my toolkit, Dan is primarily interested in aesthetic and form, allowing meaning to evolve naturally from there. We meet in the fertile middle ground, sharing an absolute certainty that involvement in the arts should be open to all but it often isn’t, and that differences of ability can bring fresh new perspectives and directions into each creative field.

To learn more about the way we work, take a look at Dan and Antonia‘s profiles by clicking on our names. Alternatively, check out our core aims and our unconventional Manifesto.mountain not mountaineer