Core Aims



cropped-nott-normal-wheels-steampunk.jpgCore Aims & Principles:

As Creatives:

  • To begin each project from the standpoint that every human has creative potential and originality, and that each of us expresses this differently, using diverse techniques and tools
  • To fit within wider conversations within the arts, pushing the boundaries of arts practice
  • To act as a platform for both conceptual and aesthetic exploration across creative disciplines
  • To acknowledge and add to a heritage of ground-breaking outsider art
  • To reframe and adapt different art forms in ways that embrace, use and add to our abilities
  • To collectively use crafty original thinking and techy innovations to break down boundaries
  • To work in collaboration with interested parties across sectors to get stuff done right
  • Where appropriate, to publish relevant ideas and research to inspire others
  • To keep an open dialogue with educational institutions


As Co-creators:

  • Projects to be formed by, driven by and focused on people with visible and invisible impairments /disabilities, differences and neuro-divergencies. Where-ever appropriate, to include access allies, carers in active and mutually supportive roles
  • To challenge the term ‘disabled people;’ disability is the mountain not the mountaineer. We prefer ‘people with disabilities’ or folk with ‘extra access needs’
  • To build connections out of shared life experiences, diverse challenges and combined hopes
  • To build awareness in ourselves and others, and develop adaptive ways of working
  • Nothing about a disability  or extra need is done without people with that disability or need being directly involved
  • As creative warriors of inclusion, to occupy our space in the world, to be seen and heard
  • To avoid being normal; ‘normality’ is a frequently overrated, often dangerous delusion. We chose to be happy, safe, welcome and involved, not normal
  • To co-create accessible, inclusive events both in real time and in the virtual world
  • To challenge existing organisations and facilities to be accessible and welcoming of diversity
  • To co-create welcoming, supportive spaces, fostering mutual and self-respect
  • To keep our sense of humour and our sense of humanity
  • To facilitate opportunities for conversations and collaboration in real time and virtual spaces
  • To celebrate and share what works and encourage others to join in
  • To collectively discover, map out and share best practice models for access and inclusion
  • To become irrelevant as the world wakes up to diversity


  • A no nastiness policy – we aim to actively include different abilities, ages, cultures, faiths, ethnicities, genders, and sexualities. Likewise, inclusion will not be dependant on level of income or place of birth – only on a commitment to extend the same principles of fair, dignified treatment of, and welcome towards others
  • To work within a structure of projects with realistic set timeframes and themes
  • For each year to have an over-riding theme and focus on one main accessible event
  • As a hub, to set continuous themed challenges for work across the city and beyond
  • Where possible, to respond to and plug into what’s happening locally
  • To reclaim our place using site-specific installations and interventions in inaccessible spaces
  • To use multi-media and VR to broaden both participation and audience reach
  • To use mobility and communication aids in performance and art contexts
  • To work with participants across artistic disciplines for multi-sensory inclusivity
  • To combine music, fine art, dance, performance, clowning, cabaret, videography, poetry etc… depending on what each proactive participant wants to include.
  • For family carers, friends and allies to be welcomed, in mutually supportive roles
  • For genuine support networks to be acknowledged, celebrated and given voice
  • To remember, together we’re Nott Normal; we’re extraordinary.