Current Projects

Our main 2020 projects include:

Big Cheese Roll 2020

For the second year running Nott Normal, in collaboration with The National Justice Museum and Hope Foodbanks, is running The Big Cheese Roll. This ongoing project commemorates the Nottingham Cheese Riots of 1766 while actively working against food poverty today. This year, due to the COVID crisis and our commitment to keep everyone safe, we are focusing on online activities and resources alongside a fantastic opportunity for young people and adults’ art and poetry to be part of an exhibition at the museum. We hope to involve local schools, artists and the broader community more to increase inclusion, while having a lot of fun. We will also of course, be collecting for Hope Foodbanks!

The action will focus around three stories told in various formats and suitable for all ages. These tell the story of the original Cheese Riots from three perspectives; Lizzy Cotter, a textile worker, The Mayor and Mother Big Cheese, a close friend of Mother Goose. 

Last year we did this with playful re-enactments involving a giant human cheese in a wheelchair, a textile worker and a villainous mayor. Thanks to all partners and the BBC Nottingham Breakfast Show raised a lot of awareness and donations for its first year. 

In various mischievous and meaningful ways The Big Cheese will keep rolling ’till no one goes hungry.  In Nottingham, that’s our way. 

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Invisible Women; mapping our stories

Thanks to the belief and support of Nottingham Women’s Centre we have gained a small but precious pot of funding to create and deliver workshops with a diverse group of women with various special access needs. The project centres around exploring and bringing together stories using many different art forms. It is open to participants from all backgrounds, experiences, and types of ability from seasoned creatives to beginners. Using a mix of traditional and new ways to tell and share stories, workshops will include re-imagined fairy-tales, revised selfies, 2D and 3D art forms. We hope to create an invisible map of our experiences across the city using bluetooth or geocash. We’ve been redesigning the programme to reach anyone sheilding or self-isolating. In the meantime, we ourselves are sheilding because of our own undelying conditions and disabilities.

Workshop materials will be posted online for those who want to do things at their own pace, with initial workshops being remote. Contact us if you’d like to get involved.