Is Nott Normal for you?


If you’ve ever been made to feel ‘not normal’, this is for you. We don’t believe in normal.

Participants include people who’ve regularly experienced mobility, sensory, neurological, emotional and/or other challenges. They also include those who just feel left out. Close relatives, ‘access allies’ and friends involved in care can also play active, mutually supportive roles. So, really, we aim to include everyone by putting those with special or extra access needs first. Using different mediums to examine diverse perspectives we inventively interpret our inclusion, expression, and relationship to others and to space in life and art. How can we communicate, alter or reframe these realities? If any of this interests you and you believe in diversity, this is for you.

Examining the nature of venue, art selection, content, curation, publicity, public opening and engagement we will investigate the good, the bad and the ugly of existing practices. We will break down barriers as we shift, expand and pioneer more inclusive methods. Our aim is to prove that, despite and because of limited available resources, it is essential to increase who art speaks for and to. Inclusion and access become an innovative, exciting, involving and evolving art in itself.