Touching the Surface




An exploration of lost perspectives and forgotten absence, Touching the Surface blurs the boundaries between life and art to re-frame daily events through a rarely seen point of view. A seemingly simple journey takes on an epic scale as everyday day actions become perilous. See Nottingham as few do; travel with the uninvited into a world at once unknown and familiar.

The work exists in two parts: A Point-of-View video documenting a a journey from home to gallery, and the documentation of that video entering and occupying the gallery space in the absence of the artist.  Presented in the Surface Gallery, 3rd May 2019. This is an on-going project, and continues to evolve. It invites the creation of new manifestations, re-mediations and alternative framings in a chain of evolving responses. Part II shall be presented later this year.


Antonia Zenkevitch

Daniel Hunt

We would like to thank:

  • All at 3rd Space Studios
  • The Surface Gallery
  • Diana Souza