Creative Compass


Hello Nottingham, Hello World,

Antonia here, welcome to my head-space but less scary. The above is a compass, map or plan of action. It’s also a visual statement of intent. I created it partly because I love compasses and steampunk. Click on each image to see how we envision working throughout each year. The idea is that each quarter will ultimately focus on particular areas of the arts, examining connected questions and challenges. During each circle of the seasons, we aim to look at different aspects of visual art and performance, site-specific work, music, the written word and more, taking into account text, form, and artistic and social context. We’ll explore and adapt to push creative boundaries, broaden participation and open up arts practice.

If none of this makes sense to you, don’t worry. Antonia has a fascination for compasses and digital steampunk is one of her things. Browse the site, check out our core aims or get in touch to find out more about us. Ongoing Projects include Sense Nottingham.