How we work with our volunteers


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In keeping with our core aims, all our volunteer positions offer flexible working hours. People are asked to only give as much time as they can while practicing self-care. We know that for many with fluctuating health needs and life challenges this may change from week to week or month to month. We ask only that you keep us as informed as you are comfortable with, try to take on only what you can, and ask to share out the work if needed, giving as much notice as you can. Short-term, single project or event positions are available as are continuous and casual come and go roles. We encourage job shares and small mutually supportive teams. Working remotely from home is common practice at Nott Normal, with Zoom meetings to maintain contact and connection.

In these ways we hope to help unlock the massive pool of skills, creativity, and experience too often excluded in workplaces that do not address basic life and access needs. We want to leave the door wide open to volunteers facing all sorts of challenges to participation, including those housebound, bedbound or isolated. Such working practices also allows safe ongoing work during a pandemic. A small but fair expense allowance for things like travel and essential resources will be available where-ever appropriate. (Vegan) food will be available at events and gatherings with every effort made to cater for special dietary needs.

We aim to be inclusive in every sense because we believe any other way of working is not only unfair, it’s plain silly and wasteful. We strive to create a peaceful, often playful working atmosphere where all participants can share and build their skills and experience and expand their own professional and personal horizons. When and if you decide to move on we will offer references and support. We also invite and welcome past volunteers back as alumni so the mutual support and creative exploration can continue.

DBS checks will be needed for anyone with any contact with vulnerable people, including workshop and online participants, arts with special access needs, children, and other at-risk groups. If you don’t have a current DBS check we will help you apply for one before you start volunteering with us. All volunteers will also have to commit to our no nastiness and safeguarding policies. Everyone who works with us will also have the full protection of those policies themselves.

As an independent organisation, we are fuelled by shared energy, skills, ideas, and enthusiasm. We are run primarily by and for people experiencing extra barriers to inclusion. Our focus is on increasing access and creativity with and for people who live with limiting long-term injuries, chronic illnesses, seen and unseen differences or disabilities. Beyond labels, at our core, we are for everyone who shares our belief that ultimately there is no such thing as normal and that together we can be extraordinary.

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