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nott normal water logo#SenseNottingham is an ongoing Nott Normal project for and by Nottingham residents, past and present. We each experience the same place in very different ways. The idea is very simple; we share and seek creative responses focusing on one small area,  Market Square, the Council House, and Brian Clough Statue. Contributions can be visual, audio or written word. You might want to share poems, photographs, paintings, stories, music or memories. A child’s drawing may sit next to an audio recording of a lunchtime landscape or a description of a time that changed someone’s life. A photo of a protest or vigil may sit near a poem about children playing in the fountains or a busker playing music. Personal and political, inclusive and individual, this will be our song to Nottingham; a celebration of our lives, and a mark of our joys, our struggles, our triumphs, and our potentials.

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In Brief: Varied interpretations of one space form a multi-sensory cultural collage shared in the real & virtual worlds. Combining perspectives we communicate beyond difference.

Open to: anyone (from anywhere) who has memories and experiences of Nottingham’s Market Square, Brian Clough Statue or the Council House. In particular, this is for people who might have very different perspectives of a place because of sensory, mobility, cognitive or mental health challenges. Whatever your ability, whatever your place of birth, if you have any memory or emotion connected to Nottingham this is for you.

Send us your files via

Just click on the link, upload your files (Max 2GB) and send to

Restrictions: All work must fit the brief above and conform to our No Nastiness Policy.

Venue: In the virtual world and in real time in an accessible space to be announced. We hope to be able to provide audible versions of written works and transcriptions of visual works where-ever possible.

Creative Drive: #SenseNottingham explores, re-owns and reimagines the everyday venues or stages of our lives. It’s a collective, site-specific explosion of expression and connection that challenges each of us to re-shape our realities.

Social Drive:  #SenseNottingham explores issues around access, inclusion, and diversity. Examining the psychogeography of our city through different senses, emotions, and points of view, we are able to explore the differences in perception and use of an area, based on our varied abilities and the way we navigate physical and psychological barriers and possibilities. This is a way of connecting beyond barriers.