Volunteer Opportunities

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We have ongoing, flexible volunteer opportunities in the following areas.

  • marketing
  • social media
  • diversity building  (opening doors to full participation across genders, BAME communities, different faiths, abilities & sexualities)
  • partnership building
  • fundraising opportunities
  • becoming one of our access allies, advisors or ambassadors (to pool experience of different barriers to access and tools to overcome them)
  • providing support for artists and other participants at events and workshops (a perfect roll for carers, family, friends & allies)

All positions offer very flexible hours, with the chance for job shares and to co-learn in mutually supportive environments. Many tasks and rolls can be carried out by working in your own time from home. You decide how many hours you can commit to and tell us if your needs and availability changes. Any and all positions that have contact with vulnerable or at-risk individuals will be covered by a DBS check. All volunteers must commit fully to our no nastiness and safeguarding policies as well as our working ethos.

Contact us to find out more or send us an email and CV detailing your interest and relevant work/life experience. Please include why you want to work with Nott Normal, what inspires and motivates you and what you feel you could bring to the table. We are interested in growing teams who actively share skills so don’t worry about any gaps in knowledge, professional experience or ability. No one knows everything. No one can do everything. We care more about honesty and the will to learn what you don’t know and teach what you do. Those with the broadest experience and confidence will be offered coordinator rolls.

Learn more about the way we work with volunteers